How Smiling Changes Your Brain

How Smiling Changes Your Brain
Smile is the symbol that is rated with highest positive emotional contents. Putting a happy face can make you more likable, healthier, refreshing, energetic and also good for your entire health. Few people may argue that smile does not affect your health, mood and even consider it bad but new studies show that smile is

7 Hidden Benefits of Smiling

hidden benefits of smiling
Smile is one of the best ways to express our happiness and joy. Whenever you feel happy you smile and it tells more about you than you think. People always smile especially in groups or with friends and it is a sign that they are happy. We use smiles for specific purposes. Smile can send

7 Benefits of Smiling and Laughing that You Didn’t Know about

Your smile is one the most important features of your face. Smiling and laughing may affect positively on your health. However, as we grow up we tend to lose the habit of smiling and laughing. One of the best examples for this is children’s playground. The children always keep playing and constantly laughing as they

5 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Smile More

surprising reason of smile
People who are generous with smiles are considered more likable, attractive, energetic, refreshing and happier than people who frown and wear a dull expression. Everybody has its own ways or habits when it comes to relaxation. Fortunately, human beings are capable smile. Smile is such a special thing that god gifted us and it would