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7 Benefits of Smiling and Laughing that You Didn’t Know about

Your smile is one the most important features of your face. Smiling and laughing may affect positively on your health. However, as we grow up we tend to lose the habit of smiling and laughing. One of the best examples for this is children’s playground. The children always keep playing and constantly laughing as they enjoying that moment, while the parents sit silently. You spend lots of money every year trying to boost your health. Being fit is not all about spending time in the gym or eating a healthy diet. Study shows that laughing can give you the positive energy and may decrease stress level. Here are the 7 benefits that you should have to consider.
Stress cutter- Laughing is one the most beneficial ways for relieving stress and all the tensions which you have collected during the day. By laughing, you can reduce the cholesterol level (stress Hormone), nervousness, anxiety and can get rid of unpleasant feelings.

Increase your immunitysmile Increase your immunity

Negative stress can cause some chemical reaction in your body that can reduce your immunity. It can also affect your overall health. Studies show that laughing can increase the level of immunoglobulin which is an important antibody function that fights with infections and bacteria.

You feel happier

smile makes you happierWhen you smile your body releases some neurotransmitters called endorphins, which are provoked by muscles in your face. Neurotransmitter is one of the main reasons of your happiness. The more your brain release this chemical the more you feel happy and stress free.

Perfect way to manage painsmile makes you perfect to manage pain

Laughing is one of the most effective ways to be happy. Sometimes it can ease your pain. Smiling or laughing is one of the perfect ways to manage your pain especially for those people who have chronic pain and have to deal with this problem on a daily basis.

You look attractive

Smiles are more attractive for many reasons. By smiling you can look presentable and easy going. Interaction with others is easier when you are sharing smile and laugh this behavior can make others feel better too. Smile can make you appear more approachable.

Improves heart health

smile Improves heart healthBy laughing and smiling you will be more able to control your blood pressure and you can also improve your blood flow. It also make you heart work properly and in a correct way. Laughter is also enhancing your intake of oxygen in your body.

Perfect exercise

laughing and smiling is one of the perfect forms of exercise. Study shows that laughing about 100 times is equal than 10 minutes exercise on bicycle. Laughing is one of the perfect ways to lose unwanted calories.

Smile is a way to boost your mood and it lifts the glow of face naturally. Laughing is the way to be healthier, you can feel better, you can stay away from illnesses and you can be a good leader also. Whenever you are in a situation of stress try to watch some comedy shows or try to divert your mind in another topic. Smile has the power to release stress, feel better, calm you down, make you look attractive and make someone happy. If you turn smile into your habit, you can turn happiness into your habit. Study shows that your brain doesn’t know the difference between fake or real smile and by doing so you can feel better. So try to smile and make others smile too.

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