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Use orange peel instead of throwing it and cure acne

acneDo you feel cheated after using cosmetics? I can understand that how it feels when you do so many things to cure acne but at the end you get nothing. This is the perfect site for that person who is searching a cure for acne. As you all know that this is the most annoying condition which snatches the whole beauty of yours.


acne_developmentIt is a well-known fact that acne is a very common disease which anyone can get this anytime. This is the condition which no one wants to experience whether it’s a men or women. According to studies, people think that this is a growing process of teens from teen to an adult. Acne is also known as an acne vulgaris. Acne can occur anywhere on your body but most commonly it occurs on chest, back, face and shoulders.

It is very important to know about your condition before start taking its treatment. If you know about your conditions like causes and symptoms, you can take correct treatment for your condition. Acne caused by dirt, polluted air, excessive oil production, certain types of beauty products, not drinking enough water, not washing your face for enough timing and not taking proper care of your face.


It is also said that taking unhealthy diet, certain medical condition and stress can also play a role in acne formation. So, if you are suffering from acne, you should read this article. To get rid of acne you can use over the counter medicines, creams and other treatment. But let me tell you that before you start using this check the review of these treatment options.

Acne 2You will only see negative results because medicines can give you some relief but as a complementary, you will get side effects also. Oh! No don’t get me wrong I mean to say that there is no medicine without side effects. Apart from this, there is a treatment which can cure acne very effectively. Yes, you guessed it right it is natural treatment. This is the treatment by which you can get clear and spot free skin.

Okay, tell me one thing that what you usually do with the orange peel after eating the fruit? Throw them in a bin? What if I say that orange peel is the perfect cure for acne? Shocked? Don’t be because this is quite easy and effective way to cure acne. How? Read ahead

Orange Peel For Acne

We all know that oranges are very healthy fruit and the orange peel which you usually throw after eating the fruit, can give beneficial results. The peels are very beneficial to treat acne and apart from this, it can also treat blemishes and blackheads. Oranges are in acidic nature and since they are a good citrus fruit, they are enriched with vitamin C. this makes orange peel the perfect cure for acne.

Orange-Peel-To-Reduce-Acne-VulgarisSo, this is the best way to cure not only acne but all face related woes. Because this is natural the benefits of using this are quite high. Some people have sensitive skin so it is very important to use any treatment with correct procedure. Here are some points by which you can get the idea how to use or prepare a pack of orange peel for acne.

For this, you have to make a powder of orange peel and this is an essential and major ingredient for this treatment. You can prepare this by following some steps. The main thing that you have to keep your mind is always buying non-wax coated oranges. After eating the oranges remove their peel and store that. If you think that you have collected the sufficient amount of orange peel put them in a sun to dry.

After it dried completely, bring them inside. Make a powder of it with the help of mixer grinder. You can make a paste of it by adding honey, curd or water and apply directly all over your face. Or if you want you can only apply this on the affected side of your face. Leave this for 15-20 minutes. When it dries then wash it off with cold water. Apply this paste continuously for 15 days.

Applying orange peel on your skin to get rid of acne is the best way. Sometimes we can find remedies in our home but we are reluctant to try them and do you why? Because we think that every treatment has a price but not this time. You just have to buy some oranges for yourself and you are free to form acne forever. There is one more thing that you have to take care of and that is- never apply a face mask with unwashed hands.


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